My name is Alex Smith. is my personal website; it’s named after a great song by Autechre.

I used to be a logician. In school at Carnegie Mellon I studied both mathematical and philosophical logic, somehow earning two degrees and writing a thesis focusing on belief revision in the process. I also tried to set theory to an AI and teach basic logic to some undergrads as part of a research group.

While at CMU, I spent a lot of my time at WRCT, Carnegie Mellon’s radio station. I was somehow in charge of it all as General Manager from May 2006 to May 2008. On Tuesday nights from January 2005 to May 2009, I DJed a show called Quantized Energy where I started out playing IDM and eventually added drone, noise, math rock, some reggae, and lots of experimental music to the mix.

I moved to Brooklyn in 2009. I work in digital product management (and formerly in content strategy). You can get more information about my work on my LinkedIn profile.

Drop me an email, if you like.